Monday, September 21, 2015

My Brazilian Adventures ...

OLÁ POR TUDO MUNDO! (or “Hi Everyone” if you don't speak Português)

I'm happy at the moment to tell you all that this week (as the first week of the transfer officially) is story week! YAY! 

So after the fun of the transfer weeks in advance, I'm cracking down to work with Elder de Souza. We started the week strong, but unfortunately, due to misplanning, it died due to splits with the quorum. Stinking elders, why do you want to re-live your missions? But I did get to be present at the dedication of a home of a member who is coming back to church, and the Spirit there now is mind-blowing! I didn't do the dedication, but it was still cool.

We also got to move a family into an apartment about 3 blocks from their home, where the missionary couple of the ward now lives, who is the parents of the parents of the family ... and this family has things. I had the grand privilege of moving the collective weight of a small organ into the house by myself, and, with help from others, an elephant. Don't ask me, I just know I had to move a lot of heavy things. In their words (translated): “Americans are always strong, you'll be able to handle this.” (And then they give me a personal refrigerator).

Aside from the moving, we're starting to find and teach new people. So in our contacts, we went into a store to buy recreation clothing for my companion who neglected to bring any.  And the family that works the store is mind-blown that there is an American in their city who is wanting to talk to the people about Jesus.

More or less, I think they’re a little more interested in the stereo-type rich American than the message. But vale a pena, vou ensinar vou batizar [But it is worthwhile; I will teach, I will baptize]!

That's all the time I have for now, enjoy the photos of us at district meeting, lunch with the members, the entrance sign of Guarapuava (in Indian here that means the Grumpy Wolf). And yes, that sign says that the rest of the world is on its own, and Group activity! I'll send more next week of the activity.

Até mais [See you later]!

Elder A. Smith

"Jesus Christ is the Lord of Guarapuava." Guarapuava means "Grumpy Wolf."

District Activity

District Meeting

Lunch with Member Family

Panarama of Park in Guarapuava

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