Monday, September 21, 2015

Say Brasil!

From September 8, 2015

Alright, where did I leave off? Oh, right! This week was a blast, just from the get-go it was hard. I'm battling the climate as the weather is proving difficult on both my allergies and unfortunately that has turned into a head cold. Don't say that mission life isn't tough some times. Even when sick, I have to get out and teach. Or I'm being a slacker.

We had the privilege to switch companions on the last week of transfers........ yay. So I have this week to work and maybe I'll stick around to finish what I started in the next transfer. I'm sorry that I don't have the time to respond this week to your personal messages. I had to give a rather lengthy report to the president about my new companion and what's going on here.

Fun story of the week! We were wandering (yes, that happens here) and I felt the impression to return to a particular home we had visited some 16 days before, to try to teach there. I was already programmed to go to a less active members home to visit, but I kept feeling impressed. After the second time, I couldn't ignore it, and we went to the home. A young lady (of 25, She’s already married, sorry amigos) came out; we introduced ourselves and were let in. I was impressed that there was a family reunion taking place and in that lesson alone we invited 6 to be baptized to which ALL accepted! Two unfortunately live in another state of Brasil, but the other 3 are fair game. The last one, we have trouble communicating with as he is half deaf. But, we are having success and are happy. 

NOTE: baptisms are coming!

Até Próximo!

Elder Joel A. Smith

Elder de Souza - Pondering

Elder de Souza

Joel with his new companion, Elder de Souza

Missionaries with family in Guarapuava

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