Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brasil! And The Love I have for Them...‏

[from 6/27/16]

This week I have had to pass through Sodom and Gomorrah to get to the end:  I learn about 3 bad things for every 4 scriptures I have to teach. But at the end of the week I'm surviving! Now that our presidents are in flux we're anxious to hear and see him. But until Wednesday we have 2 presidents.

I've had a wild first week;  my new companion is different than my others. He's more of a teen than my others. But this makes it easier to train with him. I'm also in an area with hills again, so I'm going to be back in shape when I leave. And he doesn't take long with them. Better yet. Other than that, we have an excellent ward. They are working and they seem more active than not. I look forward to working with them.

Story time! I went to a less actives home and found ... well, less actives. And we found a bi-polar mom with two daughters, and  I about cried when I found out the situation. She declared: “I repent of being baptized in this church!” We found a few stories she's told, and seems to have passed to the members, and there really is no way we can pull the whole truth from her. So we're in one of those tough spots with her.

We had a cool moment while teaching a recent convert! We got to teach her son, who isn't baptized, and as his intellect is rather developed I have the challenge to mesh with his head. I've already had to show him how little he knows, and I made it obvious that we'll help him, but he's got to have the desire to learn and follow, which is much different. But that's all I have this week. Take care!

Elder Joel A. Smith

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