Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Brasil, COLD, or NOT

This week has been ... a mess. I have been thinking the whole time that winter would be cold. It's a lie! These last two days we have been in about 22 degrees C, and that hasn't been the best for me. We get a cold spell, then it returns to warm, and then I get a fever and that's no fun to sleep with. I'd like it cold or hot please!

Anyway, this week we had the blessings of a conference about missionary work with the ward, and we're looking forward to receiving a lot of help from the members. But aside from that we had fun finding and joking with a lot of the people we're finding. We have had a lot of luck in the finds that we've had, as this area is a lot harder to work with sometimes because the people are a little bit colder. But with the help of the members things will play out better.

My time is short so I have to be short. We are doing well, happy at least to be in the service of our God. And we aren't desisting of those we're teaching. Hope you’re all doing well, Until next week from Brasil.

Elder Joel A. Smith

The District

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