Sunday, July 3, 2016

MOM's DAY!! Brasil

[from 5/9/16]

Dear Friends, Family, and Blog people,

I've been happily at work at making myself legal again in Brasil, as my visa expired while I've been here and that has been a lot of work. I had to wake up earlier than normal and by what my president has revealed to me, it's only the beginning. So I'll be looking forward to waking up around 4:45 when I get home.

Other than the trips and all that, we've had some excellent teaching experiences! We have had little success with finding for the moment, as we know the field is white, but where we have yet to discover. We did get to do some accompanying with an investigator that has a family who is interested; however, it will be difficult as they aren't married. That can be fixed, but we'll have to work with them, not against.

The story I wanted to share with you all this week has to do with my travails to be legal again. The trip was fun in and of itself, but I was riding with an elder who I have seen little of since I was in Pinherinho about a year ago. He is now fluent in Português and so the conversation was much more thrilling. We told stories of crazy family members, investigators with weird questions and of course the cold. We don't like wet cold.

And as the bus was crowded (sardine cans here have more space!), we also used a lot of phrases that only missionaries know as to not offend; however, we did get some odd stares.

So the spiritual experience of the week was in our daily walk.  We had the impression to NOT go to one of the houses we had initially planned to visit. And in the other journey that resulted we had a lesson that though not the most focused had a lot of the Spirit. We felt that was the place we needed to be.

That's all the time I have this week, take care all!

Elder Joel A. Smith

District Meeting

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