Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brasileiros ...‏

 [from 5/16/16]

This week has had some fun moments. One of which has included visiting a family that has a very funny explanation of Americans. Whenever I do something strange the response is "Americans ..." Whenever they do something strange the response is "WHAT?" I was teaching and the conversation was already loaded with fun things that I said and the family responded. But when I accidentally dislodged my scriptures and they fell into my bag, the response: “Americans ...”

But this week has been quite significant.  We have been looking for less actives the whole week, and we found quite a few of them, and some aren't wanting to receive us anymore, but we did what we could. We had an excellent experience with a less active who openly told us that she went to some hard parties and got home late so she couldn't get up to get to church. But it was at that moment when I thought "the church is always open, even for those who don't know all the rules. It's not for the perfect, but for us through it may become so."

We also are working on finding and contacting those who are nearby to help and teach. That is also fun. But we have had little success on finding. That has been a pain, but in that we have had members doing the finding for us. We are also in our last week of the transfer, so we'll see what happens here shortly.

Until next week, enjoy the photos of Elder Rosado and Pastries.

Elder Joel A. Smith

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