Sunday, July 17, 2016

Brasilian Things and Winter?‏

These last three days have been indecisive! We have had hot and cold all week that if you aren't in good health you'll get sick quick! I'm with a lot of work to be doing, and being sick is a drag. So here's the good news:   our new president is a great person who has been very good with us.

I'm excited to relate that we are doing alright in our work!  We have some people that I doubted would be progressing who are, some who we weren't even waiting for.  But I'm happy that we have a few of the members who are excited to help us still.

I also found two violins here in the area! That has made the time just that much more bearable! I had to tune the two already ... but it'll be a good practice until I get back. Fun story for the week that'll explain the Ackbar ...  We were walking around in the center of São Jose and we found a bookstore that has little figurines of Star Wars and Star Trek, that have probably been there since the movies got lanced! So, feeling bad for little Ackbar, my companion bought him and gave him to me as a present. We now have posted in the house "It's a Trap!" as the phrase of the week.

We also have been teaching a 13-year-old who has been dedicated! He managed to get his whole family to church after only two weeks of visits! He's a motivated kid! But this week we were thrilled when he said he'd like to serve a mission. We'll be paying close attention to him in the coming days. Until next week! Take care all!

Elder Joel A Smith

It's a Trap!

My District

The Fever that Came and Went

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