Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brasilians, Transfers And Food

[from 5/23/16]

Hello! This week has seen me quite wet, but miserable isn't with me.

I'm happy to say we're working, even if the results are slow to come. We have had some cool lessons, including convincing a woman who quit believing in God to once again believe. And beyond that, we have been plugging away at saving some time to find new people. We have found a few families of interest. One of which is very likely to progress is a couple and their nephews. But they are quite receptive and made us an herbal tea, very nice. It was all wet that day, so it was good.

The other adventure of the week was the transfer.  I'm with a new companion now, Elder Castijo, who is from RIO de JANEIRO. So that dream has been realized. I'd say that things couldn't be any more ready to find water here. We are working on something interesting with the ward called the meeting of immediate action. We'll be giving info on how that's going next week. And then we had the activity of the ward, which made a big selfie.  See photo.

Beyond that, I'm doing well. I'm happy, healthy, and in the mood to work. Until next week! TCHAU!

Elder Joel A. Smith

A Team

Elders Rosado Pequeno Padillia Smith - Find the American

Selfie of the Ward

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