Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brasilian, Fubeca and Smodrico‏

[from 5/30/16]
It is a blessing to participate in the Lord’s service, and then when you have a companion from Rio de Janeiro you get the title Fubeca, that is to say, Slacker.

The week has been awesome; we have had much success in finding new people to teach and help. And the reason why I love references continues. If you have a friend you want in heaven teach him the gospel and then get him to commit to a date for baptism.

My week has had a lot of teaching experiences. One of which was the teaching of the brother of a recent convert. He hasn't been a believer in God because he hasn't been able to see the hand of God in his life. I think that when we taught him we surprised him. He now is praying to know if God lives. He’s easy to teach and likes to listen. Other than that, we had to find people. Many people were looking for us to help them. It was kind of fun to talk to the wide range of people who are in need.  As we can't give much in relation to money, we give them a card and tell them we'll gladly teach them.

I also had the most random wake-up call this week, my companion has to use the restroom every night so naturally I wake up too, and one of those times he looked at me and simply said: "I have to go." That was a random night.

Have a great week!

Elder Joel A. Smith

With Elder Castiajo

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